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All About The Saint Bernard

Brand: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
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The name St Bernard conjures up strong images in most people - huge placid dogs, tails gently waving, carrying flasks of brandy to travellers lost in the snow. In this book Rachel Beaver untangles the fact and fancy behind such ideas and tells us of the joys and problems of owning these gentle giants. A completely revised and reset edition of All About the St Bernard, this book tells of the breeds's history, how the present Breed Standard came about, breeding, general care and showing. In the Appendix is a complete list of 'Saint' champions 1947-1996 - compulsive reading for breeder and exhibitor alike! Rachel Beaver, with her husband, Richard, owned St Bernards for many years, and they bred several champions under their Lindenhall affix. Her love and enthusiasm for the breed can be seen throughout the book. Third Edition.

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