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Field Spaniel
DESCRIPTION: Essential reading for the owner or potential owner of the Field Spaniel, this new hand..
Finnish Spitz
DESCRIPTION:  This book, illustrated throughout entirely with full-color photos and drawings, ..
DESCRIPTION:  Keep one in your car and backpack! Step-by-step instructions for dealing wit all..
First Aid Gel for Dogs
DESCRIPTION: EMT First Aid Gel (1oz) helps to prevent bacterial infection, reduces the potential ..
Fitness Fling by Petstages
DESCRIPTION: Fitness Fling is a durable, lightweight toy designed to burn calories and strengthen..
Floppy Disc Flyers by Booda
DESCRIPTION: You’re in luck! You've discovered a fun and safe new toy for yourself and your dog.&..
DESCRIPTION:  Based on John Rice's extensive experiences with his all Golden Retriever Police ..
Football Treat Dispensing Toy by Busy Buddy
DESCRIPTION: The Busy Buddy Football is a durable treat holding toy. The patented Treat Trapper f..
Fox Terrier: World Of Dogs
DESCRIPTION: Diana Chads has been a dedicated Fox Terrier owner and enthusiast for more than fifty ..
Fox Terriers
DESCRIPTION: This book, illustrated with over 175 color photos and drawings, presents sensible, eas..
DESCRIPTION: This DVD is the perfect training tool to establish consistent behaviors for your dog..
Fur Saver Collars by Herm Sprenger
DESCRIPTION: Fur Saver Dog Collar is a nice alternative to ordinary choke chain collars. Herm Spr..
Figure Eight Tug-O-Rope
Like the braided Tug-O-Rope, the Blue Ribbon Figure-Eight Tug-O-Rope is great for dogs who need to r..
Flexible Flying Disc by Play Around Hound
Flexible Flying Disc by Play Around Hound is the perfect toy for any size dog! The ultra-durable mat..
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