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The Cairn Terrier
DESCRIPTION: The Cairn Terrier is a handsome, colorful and thoroughly useful guide to one of the ..
The Chow Chow
DESCRIPTION: Covering every area of interest to owners and potential owners of Chow Chows, noted ..
The Complete Dog Buyer's Guide
DESCRIPTION: This highly informative book traces the advances in veterinary care and genetics over ..
The Complete Guide To Whelping and Rearing
DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive guide for dog breeders that encompasses all situations and addresses a..
DESCRIPTION: The Culture Clash is special. Written in Jean's inimitably informal yet precise lect..
The Guide To Owning a Fox Terrier
DESCRIPTION: Longtime breeder and terrier fancier Muriel Lee offers her expert advice and years of ..
DESCRIPTION: The Guide to Owning an English Bulldog contains everything that the owner, or prospe..
The Hungarian Vizsla
DESCRIPTION: The World of Dogs Second Edition ..
This total care guide contains colorful sidebars, boxes, and photographs that illustrate key topics ..
Inside this 111 page picture filled book is an essential guide to understanding and managing a mutip..
DESCRIPTION:  The Official Book of the Bedlington Terrier covers all facets of the breed, fr..
The Perfect Children's Dog
DESCRIPTION: So many children want a dog of their own, and why not? A dog can be the ultimate compa..
The Perfect Match
Choosing the ideal canine companion has never been easier. If you are considering a canine addition ..
The Proper Care of Dogs
Written with remarkable clarity and illustrated with over 260 full-color photographs, The Proper Car..
The Simple Guide Labrador Retrievers
DESCRIPTION: Won the Dog Writer's Association of America's Award, Best Single Breed Book of 2003! H..
The Simple to Guide a Choosing a Dog
DESCRIPTION: So, you want to get a new dog . . . with all the dogs available, how do you choose the..
DESCRIPTION: Essential reading for the owner or potential owner of any of the Staffordshire Terri..
The Working Border Collie
DESCRIPTION: Internationally respected author and a modern-day shepherdess from Irland, Marjorie ..
The World Of Dogs Flatcoated Retrievers
DESCRIPTION: Brenda Phillips has owned and shown dogs nearly all her life. She acquired her first F..
The World of Dogs: Welsh Springer Spaniel
DESCRIPTION: The Welsh Springer Spaniel is described as a very ancient and distinct breed of pure o..
The World of Rottweilers
DESCRIPTION: The formidable Rottweiler has been landed as one of the world's finest protection dogs..
The World of the Golden Retriever
DESCRIPTION: The versatile and beautiful Golden Retriever comes alive on the pages of The World of ..
This is the Newfoundland
DESCRIPTION: This book, the only official breed book on the Newfoundland, represents the work of sc..
Tibetan Terrier
DESCRIPTION: Essential reading for the owner or potential owner of the Tibetan Terrier, this new ha..
DESCRIPTION: Soft-covered breed book in color. Approximately 200 pages and 5x8in. in size. Includes..
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