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Parenting Your Dog

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If you have ever found yourself comparing the joys and frustrations of raising a dog with child rearing, you’re not alone! With sensitivity, wit, and an innate understating of how dogs “think,” renowned professional dog trainer Trish King explains that dog parenting, like parenting human children, is a labor of love requiring special consideration of your pet’s unique and varied needs.While exploring the similarities between child parenting and dog parenting, King promotes insight into the canine psyche and places an emphasis on positive, reward-based learning. She sets forth numerous training techniques designed to strengthen the relationship between human parent and dog and offers tips on how to successfully guide one’s pet through puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood, and beyond. King even provides learning strategies formulated to help resolve problem behaviors and presents guidelines on how to aid a dog’s adjustment to family life.Dog parenting is not just about training – it’s about forging a loving, enduring relationship with your pet. Ultimately, the connection between parent and child is heightened through caring and the numerous rewards that a commitment to one another brings. Parenting Your Dog embraces these ideals and provides the key to forming a rewarding, lasting relationship with your dog!

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